Traditional Thanksgiving Lasagna

Some people may think my family is a bit, "off."  We don't always do things that are expected or that "everyone else is doing."  I'm sure there are many examples that I could come up with, but at this time of year the most obvious example is our traditional Thanksgiving lasagna.  It just so happens... Continue Reading →


Holiday Pumpkin Pies

One of the things that Yakko and Wakko's school PTO does is provide holiday pies to all of the teachers and staff at the school.  Parents are asked to bring in a pie or a donation for store-bought pies.  I happen to enjoy making pumpkin pies.  Ever since I was a kid it was my... Continue Reading →

Hot! Hot! Yeah, we got it!

It's about that time of year when the leaves change color and the mornings have a decidedly autumnal feel to them.  There's a little nip in the air which makes warming up with a cup of hot chocolate the perfect activity.  I fondly remember bundling up as a child in my snowsuit, mittens and hat to... Continue Reading →

Apple Crunch Coffee Cake

I love breakfast.  The only problem is, I would much rather sleep in late than wake up and start cooking.  Unfortunately, it means my kids eat a lot of cereal, toast and yogurt in the morning.  But I love breakfast food.  That's why I have this habit of serving breakfast for lunch and dinner.  Fortunately,... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Fields Forever

June is just around the corner and with it comes the start of strawberry season.  Although you can find strawberries almost any time during the year, this is the time when they are fresh and perfectly ripe.  There are a couple of recipes that I'll share to highlight the great taste of strawberries during the... Continue Reading →

C is for Cookie

I absolutely love baking cookies.  It started when I was a kid baking cookies with my mom.  She would bake cookies for almost all of my school events, although she was most famous for her donations to my high school tennis team.  Before each match she would make a batch of chocolate chip cookies and... Continue Reading →

Two treats in one

Yakko's school has three different 2nd grade classrooms.  Last week, the classrooms got together and hosted a Market Day.  Throughout the week, students were earning play money  that they could use during the Market Day.  On Market Day, students were supposed to either bring products that they helped make or provide a service for other... Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter Balls

I've had this rule about my baking.  You could say it's an O'Doyle Rule.  I don't give out recipes.  I'll give out food, I'll make them on request, but I don't give out the recipe.  There is one recipe that I've become known Peanut Butter Balls.  I'll admit, its one of the best items... Continue Reading →

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