How to Ruin a Retail Promotion

Planning retail promotions has taught me that the number one reason promotions fail isn't because the campaign doesn't resonate with customers or even because of poor planning. The best way to ruin a promotion is to fail to execute it at the point-of-sale. Last weekend I took Yakko and Wakko to the 3-D showing of... Continue Reading →


The Evolution of Location-Based Services

For the past several months I've been experimenting with various location-based services (LBS).  Foursquare, Gowalla, and Yelp have been the main ones I've been using.  I realize there are others such as Facebook Places, Loopt, Brightkite, etc., but I had to start somewhere to see what all the fuss was about.  I have a couple... Continue Reading →

A 3-Step Plan for AMC Theatres

I'm a member of AMC Insiders which means I occasionally complete surveys about ideas they're bouncing around in the corporate offices of AMC Theatres.  One of the recent surveys I completed included questions to gauge my interest in several potential services they could offer while you watched movies.  Some of the ideas they asked about... Continue Reading →

Customer Loyalty – a look at AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres has eliminated their free MovieWatcher rewards program and replaced it with a fee-based program they are calling AMC Stubs.  I could make an argument both for and against loyalty programs.  At their core, loyalty programs try to motivate more frequent customer traffic and increase spending during each visit.  A loyal customer is more... Continue Reading →

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