Two treats in one

Yakko's school has three different 2nd grade classrooms.  Last week, the classrooms got together and hosted a Market Day.  Throughout the week, students were earning play money  that they could use during the Market Day.  On Market Day, students were supposed to either bring products that they helped make or provide a service for other... Continue Reading →


Elementary School PTO Activities

My two sons, Yakko and Wakko, are in elementary school right now.  Yakko is in second grade and Wakko is in Kindergarten.  However, they attend different elementary schools.  This has given us an opportunity to see how the two schools in the district are similar and where they differ.  One of the key similarities is... Continue Reading →

Just Desserts

Looking for a different type of fundraising event?  Try combining a fundraising dinner and auction into one event and create a Dessert Auction.  The premise is simple but creates a fun, enjoyable environment for raising funds for a worthy cause. 1.  Host a dinner with a special guest speaker or program.  Publicize the event as... Continue Reading →

Look what fell out of the dog!

One of my favorite stories is when Yakko was three years old.  Yakko, Wakko, Mrs. O'Doyle and I were all enjoying a beautiful spring day.  We were playing in the backyard, not doing anything specific just running around, playing tag, etc.  Yakko grabbed a stick off the ground and asked where it came from.  I... Continue Reading →

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