Anti-social Networking

It's apparently trendy now to talk about how technology and social networks have created a culture where we spend more time online interacting with people and less time focusing on face-to-face conversations.  Very rarely have I had lunch with a professional friend where they didn't stop for a moment to check their email on their... Continue Reading →


Just Desserts

Looking for a different type of fundraising event?  Try combining a fundraising dinner and auction into one event and create a Dessert Auction.  The premise is simple but creates a fun, enjoyable environment for raising funds for a worthy cause. 1.  Host a dinner with a special guest speaker or program.  Publicize the event as... Continue Reading →

Getting the most from in-store events

I was recently shopping at Lowe's with two of my three children.  Walking into the store, they have a large sign that promotes their free Build and Grow Clinic.  If you aren't familiar with the concept, it's where there is a special project that kids can put together for free.  Most home improvement stores, including... Continue Reading →

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