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If any of you have seen the early movies from Adam Sandler, then you know where the name of this site comes from.  If not, then I recommend you watch this clip.

A friend from college, seriously thought that my last name was O’Doyle (which it is not) and continued to repeat “O’Doyle Rules” every chance he got.  Eventually it caught on with others.  For a long time I was upset because I thought they were making fun of me.  Then I realized that it was just a way for people to connect with me so I finally learned to appreciate the moniker.

So, a little bit about me.  I spent most of my college career in what I call my “hyper-involvement” phase.  If there was a group, committee, conference or event I was a part of it.  My main activities were with the Program Council, the student-funded organization that brought major concerts, speakers, etc. to the campus.  That involvement allowed me to hone my event planning skills as well as meet some very famous people (some I liked, some I didn’t).  One of the things I was able to discover is that celebrities are just like you and me, only when they eat lunch everyone wants to know about it.  Nobody (except maybe a couple of my Twitter followers) cares that I just ate a mesquite chicken sandwich on a bagel thin with some Peppercorn Ranch Sun Chips.

Following my undergraduate program, I spent a summer as a Seasonal Park Ranger for the National Park Service.  Most people who know me find this incredibly humorous because I really don’t enjoy the great outdoors.  But I am a fan of the National Park system…as long as it’s close to a hotel with air conditioning.  At some point I’ll post some of my exploits as a ranger.  I’ve also worked various stints in fast-food (during high school), as a video store manager, in the non-profit sector working with various trade associations, in pricing with a major electronics retailer and finally as a marketing manager for a telecommunications company.  Feel free to look me up on LinkedIn if you’re really curious about my professional career.


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