Winterize your touchscreen

Guess what?  Winter is just around the corner which means cold temps and, if you have a touchscreen device (iPhone, iPad, etc), you may be faced with cold fingers too.  You’ve probably already realized that typical gloves do not work with your device.  I saw a tweet from my babysitter that she used her nose to unlock her phone.  Although that solution worked for her, I’ve got a big nose that would make it harder to type.  Can you “fat finger” keys with your nose?  When I was searching for a solution that would work for me, I discovered that most advertised “touchscreen friendly” gloves meant they left the fingertips off of them.  Hello?  My fingertips are what I’m trying to keep warm!  It’s possible to always walk around with a cup of hot chocolate (you can even use my homemade hot chocolate recipe) but it turns out it’s hard to use your device while holding a hot beverage.  As I discovered this summer at the pool, liquids and electronics definitely do not mix.

So what other options do you have?  I found a pair of gloves from The North Face that would work.  The North Face is known for their cold-weather gear but at $40 it was more than I was willing to spend and it only gives you the ability to use your index finger and thumb.  Thanks to a recommendation from someone on Twitter, the best option I found was from a company called Agloves.  Agloves’ uses silver-coated nylon fibers to provide conductivity between your fingers and touchscreen device, all while staying snuggly warm.  Since the silver fibers are woven throughout the glove, it gives full 10-finger functionality to type, tap, scroll, swipe and play.  So you’ve got that going for you, which is nice.  The company now makes three different versions of the gloves.  The original version, in black, is priced at $17.99 and now they offer both Bamboo (white) and Sport (black) versions for $23.99.

I bought a pair of the original Agloves for my wife last year and it’s the only pair of gloves she hasn’t lost.  I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s a sign that she really likes them.  For those of you wondering, Agloves has not paid me for this recommendation.  We just really like the product.  (p.s. If any reps from Agloves happen to stumble across this blog, feel free to send me a sample – my wife wants a bamboo pair)


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