How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Most of our family vacations have been centered around family and friends.  We either visit the grandparents, attend weddings or find some other way to burn our vacation days.  We decided it was time to experience a true summer vacation.  This summer we packed up the family, took our kids on their first ride on an airplane, and had a truly magical experience at Disney World.  It was exactly the vacation we envisioned.  Everywhere we turned, there were smiling faces.  With one exception (our detour to the Harry Potter Theme Park was a disaster) our trip was wonderful.

Dot back from the hospital with her puppy she got on the ambulance ride.

It’s funny that our day trip to see Harry Potter was what we consider to be the worst part of our vacation.  It’s funny because the day before we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Dot and I spent the afternoon at the hospital.  What could have been a horrible experience was turned into the story we have shared with all of our friends and co-workers.   It’s a great example of the wonderful service you can expect from Disney.  On June 21st we were visiting Epcot.  While waiting for her brothers to get finished with the Soarin’ ride our 2 year-old, Dot, fell and split open her chin.  The manager of the Soarin’ ride, Greg, calmly took control of the situation.  While waiting for the first-respond team to arrive, he gathered the necessary personal information so that when they arrived the focus would be on the well-being of Dot, not paperwork.  When it became clear that we would need an ambulance, he made sure that all of our questions were answered (before we asked them).  He let us know that he would make sure the family made it to the hospital if we decided we all wanted to be together.  When we decided only Dot and I would go, he made sure she had a clean shirt to change into since there was blood all over hers.  He also let us know that they would cover the cost of the taxi ride from the hospital back to the hotel.  After we left in the ambulance, our two boys were upset that their little sister had been injured so Greg made sure they had some snacks and water to help them calm down and then provided fast-pass tickets to the Test Track.  Although they were worried about their sister, they were able to continue to enjoy the park.  When we returned to our hotel that evening, the hotel manager had been informed of the accident and called to make sure Dot was okay.  We were very impressed.  However, the best thing that Greg was able to do was to take the stress out of a very traumatic situation.  We felt so at ease that we were able to spend all of our energy focused on making sure our daughter was safe and healthy.  Also, it allowed us to enjoy the rest of our vacation.  Very well done, Disney.  We’ll see you again soon!


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