The Wonder Years

Have you ever gone to YouTube, watched a video and then found out you were IN the video?  That’s actually me at the :32 spot saying “are you guys ready?” as I opened the door to the event.  I completely forgot that I was ever on TV.  I definitely remember the event.  Boy did Barney Bashing cause quite the stir.  Several interviews for students were cancelled because the company didn’t want to hire anyone that graduated from a school that allowed Barney Bashing.  We were on just about every morning radio show in the country talking about the event.  TV crews from each network and ‘A Current Affair’  (or ‘Inside Edition’ or ‘Hard Copy’ or one of those shows…it’s been awhile) were on hand filming and making their reports.  My friend “TJ Tyler” even got called to appear on the Jerry Springer show to talk about the event.  It was completely nuts.  I’m still amazed that people got so worked up about this event.  As a parent of three kids, I’m too wrapped up in their activities to worry about what a bunch of college students may or may not be doing on campus.

The comments on YouTube about the video also crack me up.  Something that happened in 1993 is still generating opinions.  This was an event for college students (who grew up watching Sesame Street) blow off some excess energy before finals.  Seriously, get over it.  It’s not like they’re out binge drinking, hazing or some other form of dangerous, reckless behavior often associated with college students.  I will say that we should have taken the coloring pages down to the Psych department and have them analyzed.  That is one of my regrets from that event.  I’m sure several students could have completed their doctoral thesis on some of the pages we saw.  Barney wearing a swastika, seriously?


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