Elementary School Film Festival

In an earlier post, I outlined some of the different events that Parent Teacher Organizations can hold to enhance student learning and raise funds.  One of those events was a film festival.  Yakko’s school recently hosted theirs with some good results.  The people who attended were very enthusiastic and the kids enjoyed seeing their friends on the “big screen.”  Every student that entered a film received a statuette and a copy of all of the film submissions on DVD.  One of the more popular parts of the event was a “red carpet walk” where students could walk the red carpet and have their photo taken.  Students then got to take a copy of the photo home with them.  *kudos to Mrs. O’Doyle for staffing the red carpet walk*  Attendance was lower than expected due to poor weather which had a negative impact on the fundraising portions of the event (silent auction and food sales).

Of course Yakko wanted to submit a film of his own.  When he came to me with his idea I was a bit shocked and worried about the amount of work it would take.  I had anticipated him gathering the neighborhood kids, borrowing the camcorder and filming some sort of action movie.  Instead, his idea was to use his Legos.   We talked about what it would take to make a movie using Legos and did a short test-run to see if it was even going to be possible with the equipment we had available.  The test-run worked and he was extremely excited so we pressed forward.  After he was finished writing a script (with me encouraging him to change any scene that required a Lego character to fly) we set up our “studio” on the air-hockey table and started filming.  He quickly discovered that stop-motion animation is a lot more time-consuming than he thought.  After several shots I would hear “I need a break,” so we would halt production and he would run off to play.  I will give him credit, though.  He always asked later if we could start filming again.  Of course, keeping his brother and sister from playing with the pieces in-between takes was a challenge and caused a few tantrums.  Overall it was a fun experience for both Yakko and me.  Below is his final film.  He is such an incredibly creative person.  I can’t wait to see what he thinks up for next year!


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