Look what fell out of the dog!

One of my favorite stories is when Yakko was three years old.  Yakko, Wakko, Mrs. O’Doyle and I were all enjoying a beautiful spring day.  We were playing in the backyard, not doing anything specific just running around, playing tag, etc.  Yakko grabbed a stick off the ground and asked where it came from.  I explained that it fell out of the tree.  Then we started talking about what else could fall out of a tree.  He talked about leaves, acorns, bird eggs (which I still think is a little morbid but whatever), squirrels, etc.  He seemed satisfied and started running around and playing again.  All of a sudden he stopped dead in his tracks.  You could almost hear the screech as he came to a stop.  He bent over and picked something up off of the ground.  Then he yelled out as loud as he could “Hey!  Look what fell out of the dog!  Should we give it back to her?”  Mrs. O’Doyle shrieked and started yelling at him to “drop it, drop it, drop it!!!”   Yakko was hauled inside for a thorough hand scrubbing and heavy dose of hand sanitizer.  I don’t think I’ve laughed harder in my life.  It’s still my favorite phrase when I catch something that gone wrong.  “Great, now look what fell out of the dog!”


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