Let’s Face It. It’s About Ego

Over the past several days, my Twitter timeline has been filled with dad bloggers who are rallying behind a cause. They've been using phrases like "words matter," " be inclusive" and "equal rights." The sheer number of tweets, retweets and posts created have caused news outlets like CNN, FOX News and The Today Show to... Continue Reading →


Back in the Saddle

It's been an awfully long time since I last posted on this site.  A lot has changed over that time which has given me plenty of new material. A sample of the changes that have occurred: my wife has changed jobs, we've moved across the country and all of the kids are in school full-time.... Continue Reading →

Six Songs of Me

A friend from college recently posted on Facebook about a project recently launched by The Guardian called "Six Songs of Me."  The objective is for people to name the significant songs that are part of the soundtrack for their lives in six different categories.  My friend's choices are here.  Keep reading for my own selections and thoughts... Continue Reading →

How to Ruin a Retail Promotion

Planning retail promotions has taught me that the number one reason promotions fail isn't because the campaign doesn't resonate with customers or even because of poor planning. The best way to ruin a promotion is to fail to execute it at the point-of-sale. Last weekend I took Yakko and Wakko to the 3-D showing of... Continue Reading →

Governing Through Soundbites

This time of year is very frustrating for me.  I'm discouraged by all of the political campaigns that only seem interested in informing people of what's wrong with the country and who's to blame for it.  It really doesn't matter which political party is in control, both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of using the... Continue Reading →

Winterize your touchscreen

Guess what?  Winter is just around the corner which means cold temps and, if you have a touchscreen device (iPhone, iPad, etc), you may be faced with cold fingers too.  You've probably already realized that typical gloves do not work with your device.  I saw a tweet from my babysitter that she used her nose... Continue Reading →

We Need More Face-to-FaceTime

Whoever thought it was a good idea to put pockets on men's swimming trunks owes me $200.  I don't know if you've ever taken three kids under the age of nine to the pool before, but it's easy for your attention to get pulled into multiple directions.  You're so focused on the kids that you... Continue Reading →

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